Context 对象详解


# getI18N()

Retrieve the i18n instance
# getRouting()
Retrieve the routing instance.
# getInstance($name = null, $class = __CLASS__)
Retrieves the singleton instance of this class.
# shutdown()
Execute the shutdown procedure.
# getConfigCache()
Returns the configuration cache.
# mixed getDatabaseConnection((name) $name = ‘default’)
Retrieve a database connection from the database manager.
# string getModuleName()
Retrieve the module name for this context.
# initialize($configuration)
Initializes the current sfContext instance.
# object The get($name)
Gets an object from the current context.
# retrieveObjects($class, $peerMethod)
# getDatabaseManager()
Retrieve the database manager.
# getResponse()
Retrieve the response.
# getActionStack()
Retrieve the ActionStack.
# createInstance($configuration, $name = null, $class = __CLASS__)
Creates a new context instance.
# switchTo($name)
Sets the current context to something else
# getStorage()
Retrieve the storage.
# set($name, $object)
Puts an object in the current context.
# string getModuleDirectory()
Retrieve the module directory for this context.
# loadFactories()
Loads the symfony factories.
# getViewCacheManager()
Retrieve the view cache manager
# getUser()
Retrieve the user.
# getConfiguration()
Returns the configuration instance.
# string getActionName()
Retrieve the action name for this context.
# getLogger()
# dispatch()
Dispatches the current request.
# getEventDispatcher()
Retrieves the current event dispatcher.
# getRequest()
Retrieve the request.
# bool has($name)
Returns true if an object is currently stored in the current context with the given name, false otherwise.
# getController()
Retrieve the

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# setResponse((sfResponse) $response)
Set the response object.
# array filterTemplateParameters($event, $parameters)
Listens to the template.filter_parameters event.
# bool hasInstance($name = null)
Checks to see if there has been a context created

in Action
in View

in Model




1 mkdir frontend/config/error

2 cd

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3 touch error.html.php




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push 报错 “hook declined to update refs heads master”


git push 报错 “permission deny”




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Arch Linux安装记录(1) – 安装系统


#. 安装系统

#. 配置系统

#. 安装桌面程序

#. 安装常用软件

#. 安装开发环境

#. 相关资源


首先到Arch Linux官方网站(下载最新版本的安装镜像, 本文使用的是Linux-2.6.30-ARCH i686,下载完毕刻录成CD。

从光盘启动计算机,进入光盘启动画面,选择第一项xxx启动arch linux

系统加载完毕后使用 root 或者 arch 进行登陆,密码为空。

运行 /arch/setup 开始安装程序

1. Selecte Source

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2. Set Clock

选择Select region and timezone设置时区,选择Asia => Shanghai;然后设置本地时间Set time and date,可以使用UTC或者localtime,这里推荐选择localtime,直接使用bios时间为当前系统时间;最后一部是设定本机时间,如果没问题可以直接Return to Main Menu回到安装菜单。

3. Prepare Hard Drives


4. Select Packages


5. Install Package


6. Configure System


/etc/rc.conf 设置一下本机ip dhcp/###

/etc/resolv.conf 如果没有dhcp服务器在这里设置DNS


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Zh…. 打开





7. Install Bootloader


8. Exit Install